I was asked to concept a digital version of Tapple, a family board game  from The Op that was currently trending on social platforms. 

- Show how the base game might look and play digitally
- Explore how the game can expand (thinking of replayability and DLC)
- Roadmap the entire game's development cycle 
- Create a high level deck  
- Gather research and as much info on VR gaming to determine if making a VR version of Tapple is a viable project for the studio to develop


Game roadmapping is a lengthy, thorough process involving meetings with department leads to define feature requirements. It starts with identifying the MVP, followed by adding subsequent must-haves and wish list items to estimate development costs and meet client/investor needs.
New Game Modes
This is where I have the most fun. I forget about the game's current limitations and reimagine it. What if the tabs are small screens and showed images instead of just letters. Then this simple game of categories can be reversed and expanded... not to mention what could be done with colors and sounds! 
The Bigger Picture
I tend to think of the entire experience a user will have. I believe that having a backstory to any project is imperative to it's success. Even if it's not part of the final version, the audience will always know if something has a heart or not. 

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